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Types of BJD Owners

The Old Skool Collector
The grandma edition with quotes like “back when I bought my first doll // in the beginning there were hardly any tans // I have been a DOA member for over 6 centuries”. Has (had) single jointed dolls with severe yellowing in their collection. Can tell you all about the hobby’s evolvement.

The Revolving Door:
Buys dolls, sells them, and repeat. Promises to keep one forever, doesn’t. Tends to have a small collection at home, but their list of “once owned” is longer than Merlin’s beard. Great resource for doll comparisons.

The Shopaholic:
Has a large collection of dolls, or a large collection of accessories, and sometimes both. Buys more than they sell. Dolls aren’t necessarily finished and they might even own accessories for doll sizes they don’t have. Knows all the best places to shop for your dolls.

The Customization Artist:
Has hardly any finished dolls and so many projects and plans running at once, they lose track of what they were doing. They have loose body parts laying around, enough dust masks and sandpaper to sand every park bench in Central Park, and mohair locks from a thousand goats. Need some ideas? Ask this one to brainstorm with you.

The Photographer:
Has strong muscles from carrying all their photography equipment and dolls. Has firm buttocks from all the squatting and the patience of a saint. Also tends to be permanently broke, as they have two expensive hobbies. Can help you improve your own photography skills.

The Seamstress:
They tend to have smaller collections, due to limited space. Their sewing station is surrounded by enormous piles of fabric, which is hoarded like it is made of gold. Their dolls wear the most gorgeous dolly couture you have ever layed eyes upon or envy Dobby’s old outfit. Might take comissions.

The Dolly Doctor:

Can be your doll’s saving grace or their worst nightmare. They are likely to enjoy restringing. Armed with a dremel, sandpaper,and epoxy they are the equivalent of plastic surgeons and body modifiers. Their own dolls are a prime example of their skills. Like in real life, some are more the equivalent of a butcher, but we all have to start somewhere.

The Beautician:
Are able to run a marathon in a house filled with asbestos. In theory anyway. Their dolls can look beautiful, mediocre or downright horrible, depending on skill. Are likely to have a ruined head laying around from their early days. Their own dolls tend to have mani-pedi’s, bodyblushing and tattoos and are prone to receiving frequent make-overs.

The Admirer:

Tend to have large collections if they can afford it. Their dolls are on display. In a cabinet or on a shelf. To be looked at mostly. Online they like to look at pictures as well. Not likely to be active in the hobby’s community. Might have creative ideas as to how to display your dolls.

The Preserver:
Will only touch their dolls with gloves on. When their dolls aren’t being “played with”, they go back in their boxes, nude, as clothing might stain. Are determined to avoid discoloration of resin for as long as they can and unlikely to buy secondhand. When they do, their dolls are being disinfected and thoroughly cleaned.

The Parent:
Don’t you dare touch their resin babies without their permission. Refer to their dolls as their children / babies / daughter / son. Photostories might get a little bit creepy as a result. Some take it a bit too far and then it get’s awkward. Are likely to build diorama’s and have eloborate photoshoots with adorable props.

The Child:
The nightmare of The Parent and The Preserver. Their dolls are being played with and how. Their dolls have batteled the elements, been in the water, have dangled at dangerous heights and taken several faceplants and nose dives. These dolls are likely to have yellowed, if not unevenly, and might miss a finger or two. The photography tends to be awesome though.

The Unicorn:
Owns one doll, yet doesn’t want more. Perfectly content as is. That one doll is spoiled to the max.

The Hoarder:
The more the merrier! Can be a hoarder of dolls, eyes, wigs, etc. or all or some of the above.

The Wannabe:
a) Doesn’t own a BJD yet. Does own a hinge jointed fashion doll like Monster High, Pullip, Blythe, Evangeline Ghastly etc. and insists it is a BJD.
b) Might not even know what a BJD is, but spams their face in the tag with “BJD Make-up” nonetheless.

The Storyteller:
Writes stories or form them in their heads. Their dolls are OC’s shelled in BJD’s or OC’s inspired by the BJD’s. Their dolls have (eleborate) biographies, tend to be connected to one another and live in a detailed universe. Are likely to be into roleplay as well.

The Superstitious One:
a) Talk to their dolls as if they were plants, to ensure their dolls are filled with good energy.
b) Have religious symbols written inside the doll’s head to deter any spirits from trying to inhabit their precious doll.
c) Are convinced their dolls are haunted or possessed.
d) Watched Dollmaster / Rozenmaiden too many times.

The Creator:
a) Uses BJD’s for drawing purposes.
b) Makes BJD accessories.
c) Creates miniatures.
d) Creates furniture.

The Sculptor:
Have you always been curious how BJD master sculpts are made? Some sculptors keep a blog where they show their work in progress, the master sculpt, keep you informed about the proces, right until the point of when pre-orders open. Are likely to have a collecton of (single) artist BJD themselves.

The “Artist”:
That one collector whose dolls you have pity for. The collector is convinced of their artistic abilities and are usually not open for constructive criticism of any kind. In reality, many people consider their dolls nightmare fuel, but that doesn’t stop the owner from loving their creation with every fiber of their heart.

The Loyal Collector:
Their collection consists of dolls of one company and one company alone. They use the term *company*ed to describe their loyalty. This preference may be because of aesthetic reasons or because the company is (also) pleasant to deal with.

The Dr. Frankenstein:
Hybrids. Hybrids everywhere. If it doesn’t work, they mod it until it does work. The more companies involved in a single doll, the better. Probably knows a lot about resin matching and blushing.

The Eclectic Collector:
It is unlikely for them to own two or more dolls from the same company. Their collection consists of a group with a wide variety in style, color and sizes. Can provide you with comparison pictures.

The Tiny Army General:
Once bitten by the tiny bug, it is hard not to raise an army.

The Hulk:
Allthough some prefer the big ones. Due to their size, an army is unlikely, but a few giants are glorious all the same.

The Mini:
Right in between, not too small, not too large. Ideal for carrying around on your arm when you go to a meet / a con.

The Anthro:
Humans? Fun. Humans with animal parts? OMG! Animals with human like qualities? *Heavy breathing*

The Fan:
I love you so much, favorite celeb / fictional character, that I have a doll version of you, so I can take you everywhere, anytime, anywhere!

There are more and most of us are a mixture of these stereotypes. This was just meant as fun, not to be taken too seriously.

In case you are curious, I’m a mix of The Shopaholic, The Admirer, The Storyteller, The Superstitious One B, The Eclectic Collector, The Tiny Army General, The Mini and The Anthro. I’m trying not to become The Hoarder xD

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